How does it work?

first click on sign up next you can choose the logo for your company from your hard drive if you don't have a logo you can always use our logo creator once you have finished registering and logged in now click on the big button and select a logo here you can crop the logo according to our specified 16 to 9 image aspect ratio once you are satisfied click confirm now you can fill in your company details once you are finished click on the - tick boxes at the bottom when you are done click on register now an activation email will be sent to your email please check your email and click on the activation link activation successful please click here to proceed to the login screen you can now log into your gronetwork account
how to connect and endorse in the previous video we showed how to sign up on gronetwork now once you have logged in there are four tabs in your account settings page the logo tab the basic info tab the attachments tab where you can upload accolades work brochures certification etc and the location tab where you can define where your company is based now let's connect with another company click on the search box at the top and start typing you can type in the name of a company an industry name or location available options will appear click on one now we're viewing premium homes you can scroll down to view their profile click on the connect button to connect with this company send connection request recipient of premium homes message hello I would like to connect with your company now you can customize a message and click send request okay now we are in premium homes account and they have received a new notification in the notifications tab you have been invited to connect with richards taxi service hello i would like to connect with your company click on the accept invitation button to proceed connection accepted you are now connected to richards taxi service now if we go to our network tab we will see under the connection sub tab that richards taxi services listed we can either message richards taxi service retract the connection endorse richards taxi service or request an endorsement from richards taxi service let's click on the endorse button are you sure you want to endorse richards taxi service in the feedback box you can add a comment click on the endorse till date selector to select until when this endorsement should be valid click on the confirm endorsement button to finish thank you your endorsement will be made public once it has been approved now if we go back to the notifications tab inside the account of Richards taxi service there will be a new message from premium homes premium homes wants to endorse your company Richards taxi service the following comment has been submitted with this endorsement wonderful service every time please click on one of the buttons below to allow or prevent this endorsement from appearing on your company profiles endorsement successfully approved now if we go to our view my public profile page you will see right below the logo it says endorsed by premium homes wonderful service every time in the account settings section of your account in the basic info tab there is a subsection that says which endorsement would you like to have appear on your company's detail listing page by default it's the only one you have but as you get more endorsements you can choose which one to feature on your profile page lastly to view the companies you've endorsed or the companies that have endorsed you go to the network tab here are three sub tabs connections endorsed by and endorsed that concludes this tutorial
contracts news feed in attachments on Gro Network first the contract click on the contracts navigation bar tab now to create a new contract click on the plus icon now you can enter any relevant details for example this contract is the mcgoofy festival official transportation provider contract with all its details choose the industry you choose the location the contract expiration date the contact details and any additional documentation click on submit contract when you're done now the contract is visible in the public contracts tab now let's go back to premium holmes's account we'll also see this contract in the public contracts tab to share this contract click on this icon type in any email addresses followed by a comma or the enter key and click send you can also post this to the newsfeed to add this contract to your favorites click on the star icon now it will appear in the my favorites tab to view the attachments of a contract click on the paperclip icon click on the green file link to open it in a new tab to Richard's taxi service since we are the creator of this contract we can edit it simply click on the Edit icon to edit any contract details click Save Changes when you're done you can also delete this contract by clicking on the minus icon when you want to narrow down the results in the public contracts tab you can click on the filter button then you can enter any search terms choose from available provinces or industry groups click apply filters when you're done EMU's feed click on the new C tab to create a post click on the create new post button enter a title and content and click on submit post now all your connections can see your post in the newsfeed you're connected companies can now like or comment on a post now in your account you can reply to comments made additional newsfeed functions can be accessed by clicking on the down arrow at the right-hand side of each post or comment let's have a look at our company profile by clicking on our company name at the top left and clicking on view my public profile we scroll down we will notice there are no account attachments in this profile to attach documents to your profile such as companies certifications or brochures click on account settings on the third tab called attachments click on add files find a file and click open give the file a title now if we look at our company profile again we will see at the bottom in the attachments area that our uploaded file is visible to the public this concludes this tutorial